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Check the Arrival Stamp At the Airport in Bali

Attention! Important information for citizens, who fly to Indonesia on visa 211 (social, tourist visa), but who are the citizens of countries which are among the 45 countries with visa free facility.

By passport control always check the arrival stamp!

  • The passport, where there is the embassy visa 211 (social or tourist) which was made beforehand is stamped by arrival indicating the number of days of stay and the title | VISIT VISA | – On the left picture.
  • Free stamp on arrival for 30 days for visa which cannot be extended has the title | TOURISM PURPOSE ONLY | – The picture on the right.
Visa agency | Business Consulting | Bali

Quite often, inattentive immigration control stuff, mistakenly stamp a passport with a wrong stamp-instead of putting VISIT VISA they put TOURISM PURPOSE ONLY.

Visa 211 with such a stamp can not be extended! First you have to correct the error by referring to the airport in the arrivals area with the ticket and the passport, and only then apply to the extension. But to solve this problem is more difficult and costly, if you have the wrong stamp put at the airport in Jakarta, Lombok or any other international airport in Indonesia. You will have to fly to another city to correct the error or turn to a reliable visa agent who you can entrust your passport.

Be careful when entering the country; check the documents immediately to avoid problems!

The list of countries that are eligible for Visa on Arrival

1. Algeria 22. Greece 43. New Zealand
2. Arab   Emirate 23. Hungary 44. Oman
3. Argentina 24. Iceland 45. Panama
4. Australia 25. India 46. Poland
5. Austria 26. Ireland 47. Portugal
6. Bahrain 27. Italy 48. Qatar
7. Belgium 28. Tunisia 49. Romania
8. Brazil 29. Japan 50. Russia
9. Bulgaria 30. Kuwait 51. Saudi Arabia
10. Cambodia 31. Laos 52. Slovakia
11. Canada 32. Latvia 53. Slovenia
12. China 33. Libya 54. South Africa
13. Cyprus 34. Liechtenstein 55. South Korea
14. Czech   Republic 35. Lithuania 56. Spain
15. Denmark 36. Luxembourg 57. Suriname
16. Egypt 37. Malidives 58. Sweden
17. Estonia 38. Malta 59. Switzerland
18. Fiji 39. Mexico 60. Taiwan
19. Finland 40. Netherland 61. United State of America
20. France 41. Monaco 62. United Kingdom
21. Germany 42. Norway 63. United Arab Emirate

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