Retirement Visa type 319

This is a temporary residence permit issued for applicants over 55 years old for 1 year and possible to be extended for 5 years*

*Can be applied if one of the sposes is under 55 y.o. and marriage certificate is provided. In some cases can be issued to children under 18 as well.

Retirement visa type 319 doesn’t give the holder right to work in Indonesia.

How to receive a Retirement Visa

Procedure of getting a retirement visa KITAS type 319 consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1: getting TELEX

Applicant should get a TELEX first, a special permit, issued for a specific Indonesian consulate or embassy where the visa will be applied and confirmed by the Head Office of Immigration Service of Indonesia in Jakarta.

The procedure will take around 10 working days, when еоу TELEX will be done, we will send it with all needed information via e-mail.


  • Color scan copies of all pages of the passport valid for at least 18 months
  • Red background photo passport size
  • A copy of marriage or divorce certificate
  • A copy of the insurance for one year
  • A copy of bank account statement
  • A copy of the maid’s ID
  • A copy of the rental contract for a year
  • Place of visa application

*we can help if you can not provide any of the document

Stage 2: visa obtainin in Embassy or Consulate abroad

Required documents:

  • Passport valid for minimum 18 month from the date entry to Indonesia
  • Photocopy of the main passport page
  • Photocopy of the passport page with stamp of entry to the country where you apply
  • Filled application form (blank should be provided by embassy / consulate)
  • 2 photos passport size
  • Ticket to Indonesia
  • Visa fee (105 USD, paid in the currency of the country where you apply, can vary)

Stage 3: visa registration

The applicant should enter Indonesia in 90 days from the visa issuance day.
Within 7 days after entering to Indonesia applicant should register visa in Immigration offce and get a permit for re-entry.

Re-entry permit is mandatory.

Cost in Bali Business Consulting

  • opening procedure (including TELEX) for the retirement visa + re-entry permit = 8 500 000 IDR ~ 580 USD
  • extension of retirement visa = 8 000 000 ~ 605 USD
  • closure of KITAS Family visa = 800 000 IDR ~ 60 USD

NOTE: Retirement KITAS visa does not allow you to work in Indonesia! If you want to work, then you need to apply for a separate working KITAS