Social Culture visa (index B­211)

If you intend to stay in Bali longer and as a tourist, you should consider Social Visa (B-211). The visa is issued in Indonesian embassy for 30 or 60 days (depends on the embassy). Social visa can be extended four times; each time for another 30 days. So in total you can stay in Bali up to 180 days (almost 6 months).

To apply to this visa in the Embassy of Indonesia you should provide:

  1. Sponsor Letter – that is an invitation letter from Indonesian citizen. Attn! If you are going to stay most of the time in Bali, you invitation should be issued from an Indonesian citizen who resides in Bali
  2. Copy of your Sponsor ID
  3. Application for (2 copies) that can be filled-in directly in the embassy
  4. Your travel passport should be valid for more than 6 month from the date you want to enter Indonesia
  5. Return ticket to Bali
  6. Two ¾ Photos
  7. Your bank statement that shows you own at least 3000 USD (recommended amount, but could be less)

Full visa support services | Price: IDR 2 800 000

Full visa support includes following services:

  • All the documents needed from a sponsor (Sponsor letter and Copy of Sponsor ID)
  • 4 visa extensions in the immigration office of Bali (We take care of all the paperwork and you provide us only with your passport and single visit to the immigration office for photo & fingerprints submission)

Attention! When you apply for visa in Indonesian Embassy you will be charge visa fee of 50$. So the full visa support price above doesn NOT include that fee.

Other payment options

In case you don’t need full visa support, you can choose to order separately following services related to Social visa:

  • Sponsor letter & copy of sponsor ID for visa application in the embassy (but you will be required to do following visa extension through our agency): IDR 350 000
  • 1st of 2nd visa extension: IDR 650 000 each
  • 3rd of 4th visa extension: IDR 700 000 each

In case you want to do all visa extension by yourself (that means for every extension you will have to go to immigration office by yourself 4 times (submission, fingerprints, payment, passport pickup)) and only require invitation for visa application, we can provide with all the needed documents for IDR 800 000 for all the documents needed both for the Embassy and Immigration office.

Attn! All the visa extension for this type of services should be done only in the Immigration office in Kuta (Address: Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai 300B, Kuta, Bali)

If you already have a sponsor for your visa and only need facilitation of visa extensions this is possible as well. Prices are as follows:

  • 1st of 2nd visa extension: IDR 650 000 each
  • 3rd of 4th visa extension: IDR 700 000 each

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Attention! Important information for citizens, who fly to Indonesia on visa 211 (social, tourist visa), but who are the citizens of countries which are among the 45 countries with visa free facility. By passport control always check the arrival stamp. Read more >>