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Social Visa Type 211

Social Visa is what you need if you plan to stay in Indonesia for more than 2 month (but maximum 180 days). This type of visa should be applied and obtained before coming to Indonesia, it’s impossible to get this type of visa while staying in the country.

Social visa doesn’t give right to work in IndonesiaHolder can come for travelling, visiting friends and family, non-commercial participation in training, cultural events, study and etc.

Social Visa Bali, Indonesia | Visa Servisec on Bali
Social Visa for Bali, Indonesia

Social visa type 211 has an entry window of 90 days from the issue date, which means that you should enter Indonesia in 90 days from the day when you got it.

Social visa type 211 is valid for 30 or 60 days (or other amount, depending on issuing embassy decision) and can be extended 4 times for 30 days each. Days count starting from the arrival day.

Pay attantion! Important information for citizens, who fly to Indonesia on visa 211 (social, tourist visa), but who are the citizens of countries which are among the 45 countries with visa free facility. By passport control always check the arrival stamp. Read more >>

How to get a Social Visa?

Social visa type 211 is single entry visa only, which means that leaving the country with valid visa will cancel it’s validation and you holder will not be able to re-enter country using this visa.

To apply the social budaya visa type 211 applicant should visit one of Indonesian embassies abroad and provide the following documents:

  1. Passport valid for minimum 6 month from the date of entry to Indonesia
  2. Photocopy of the main passport page
  3. Photocopy of the passport page with stamp of entry to the country where you apply
  4. Sponsorship letter (we can provide with cost 350 000 IDR)*
  5. Photocopy of sponsor’s ID *
  6. Bank account statement can be required in some embassies
  7. Visa application form (provided in embassies)
  8. 2 photos passport size
  9. Ticket to and from Indonesia
  10. Payment of visa fee (50 USD)

* Sponsorsip letter is an official document, by which a certain Indonesian citizen invites foreigner for a visit, explains aims of visit and takes responsibilty for the person during the visit time (confirms that applicant has sufficient funds, has no intention to work and will leave Indonesia by required date and etc.).
Sponsor can be a major citizen of Indonesia, holding a valid ID and registered in the same area, where visa holder will apply for extension. Sponsor’s name will be mentioned in Visa and he/she will really be in charge in case of any problems with visa. In case if the visa holder is planning to extend your visa on his own, sponsor will have to come to immigration office every time for the visa extension.

In some Indonesian embassies (for example, in Moscow and certain countries of Europe), you must additionally provide a legalized invitation Telex. The cost of this type of Telex 1.500.000 IDR – clearance of 7-9 working days and 2.250.000 IDR – clearance of 3 working days.

Cost of Social Visa for Indonesia

800 000 IDR for one extension.

Process will take 7-12 working days. Price includes immigration fees, paperwork and our service.

Express service available at the cost of 1100 000 IDR (3 days) and 1300 000 IDR (1 day).

Sponsor Letter + ID cost IDR 350 000 (provided that you extend the visa through our agency).

180 days package (Sponsor letter + ID + 4 extensions) = 3 350 000 IDR  ~ 245 USD

Package includes everything you need to forget about your visa issues for this time and saves your money.

All you need to do is bring your passport to any of our offices before your visa expires and we will take care of all the paperwork. You will need to show up at Immigration only once (for photo and fingerprints) and our manager will accompany you and take care that you won’t be waiting in a queue.

Free delivery service available.

If you wish to extend by yourself, you will have to visit Immigration 12 times during 4 month period, pay fee in a proper bank 4 times, your sponsor have to attend the immigration office 4 times on a proper date. Changing a sponsor is obliged to 300 000 penalty fee and should be empowered by written letter from sponsor, explaining the reason of change.