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How To Register IMEI Phone In Indonesia


There are certain rules to the process of registering phones that were purchased outside Indonesia. You do not have to register your phone, but keep in mind that without the registration, a local SIM card will not work on “imported” devices.

Once you have purchased your smartphone from an authorized dealer in Indonesia and activated it there, your phone will automatically get registered. Likewise, if you had imported your phone into the country and activated it for the first time in Indonesia before April 18, 2020, in that case, its IMEI number should already be in the database, therefore, you do not need to register it and pay tax. For this reason, it is important that the initial activation of the phone was made in Indonesia.

The registration can be checked at the official website. For Android, the IMEI number can also be viewed through the menu: Settings-About Phone

Registration of IMEI phone for short stay

In case your stay in Indonesia is less than 90 days, you can register your phone at any official office of a mobile operator. To register, you just need to come to the office in person with your passport and the phone. The tax in that case does not need to be paid.

A “Tourist” registration is valid for 3 months and at the moment is permitted to be extended without any additional fees for another 3 months at the same office where you had initially registered your phone.

There are a few mobile phone shops that would register phones for free when you purchase a SIM card or an Internet package from them.

Registration of phone IMEI for a long stay

If you are planning to stay in Indonesia for over 90 days and wish to use a local SIM card, you will have to register your phone (if it is not already in the database). You can do so at the airport of Jakarta or directly in Bali.

The phone must be registered within 5 days after having finished quarantine.

  • The IMEI registration for the phones that are worth less than $500 is free of charge.
  • The amount of tax to be paid for foreigners is 40% of the cost of the phone, exceeding the rate of $500. For example, if your phone costs $800 the 40% will be charged from $300, therefore the tax amount would be $120. No one really finds much fault in the cost of the phone, so it can be understated, but within reasonable limits of course.
  • For those who own a Kitas and a tax number (NPWP) the tax amount will be 30% of the cost of the phone exceeding the rate of $500.

Important! If you did not get a chance to register your phone within 5 days after having finished quarantine, the tax will be charged from the full cost of the device. Withal, keep in mind that you must register your phone within 90 days from the date of your arrival in Indonesia.

Phone registration process

Remember to register your phone in advance on the Agency for Taxes and Duties website.  You are allowed to register 2 devices for each person, although keep in mind that if their overall cost exceeds $500 you will have to pay tax.

Once having completed the registration, you will receive a page with a QR code. Print it out or save the code as a screenshot, as this QR code will be required at the customs in order to register the phone.

IMPORTANT! Only registering a phone on the website of the Agency for Taxes and Duties will not be enough to get IMEI

How to register a phone in Jakarta

After having finished the quarantine, you will be able to register your phone at Soekarno-Hatta Airport in the departure hall. You may find the IMEI registration office in Terminal 3 on the second floor (proceed to the end of the hall and turn left). Look out for a Customs Office behind the check-in Desk A.

A customs officer can ask a number of questions, for example, ask about the cost of your phone, date of purchase, etc.

Be sure that you have enough time to register your phone (at least 1 hour) because there may be a queue.

How to register a phone in Bali

If for some reason you have not been able to register your phone in Jakarta, then you can do so in Bali at the office of Taxes and Duties. In order to do this, you have to provide a ticket to Indonesia or your boarding pass, a letter of quarantine, and a QR code you received when registering your phone on the website.

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