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How to use Peduli Lindungi application

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

According the new rules, all guests have to download Peduli Lindungi application, registered there, fill out the EHAC form, and verified a vaccination certificate (the process can take a few days) to enter Indonesia.

To enter the country you have to provide e-Visa, a Vaccination Certificate (full vaccination), and a PCR test not older than 72 hours. In addition, you will need to take quarantine for 8 days/7nights at your own expense (the confirmation of your booking with QR code should be provided too) and do 2 more PCR tests. The first PCR test will be done inside the airport upon arrival and the second one in the hotel on the last day of your quarantine.

Always check the current rules before departure, as they may change (!)

Application usage guide Peduli Lidungi

First, you need to download and install the application:

Further instructions will be for Android, but in the case of iPhone everything will be the same.

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

After installing the app, you will have a series of reference slides, you just need to click the arrow button at the bottom of the page.

Next step, you need to confirm the enter and agree with the rules

After that, you need to make registration by phone number or via email. If you already have an account on Peduli Lidungi, then you need to enter your phone number or email and click on the MASUK button.

If you have to register, you need to click on the Daftar link and move to the registration page. In the application, you can specify only a local number, if you do not have one, then select the tab with email and fill out the data

Nama Lengkap – Full Name

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

In the next stages of the process, the app will request access to your location, media, and storage. You need to allow all access, otherwise, the application will not work.

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

You will go through the standard verification procedure with a verification code, which will be sent to you by phone or email (the message should come immediately, if this did not happen, then check the SPAM folder).

After completing the registration, you will need first to fill out your personal data and proceed to fill out the eHAC application.

Personal Data

Click on the Akun button in the top menu, then on the edit icon, and then fill out your personal data.

  • Identitas akun – choose Warga Negara Asing (WNA) if you are not Indonesian
  • Nama Lengkap – full name
  • Negara Penerbit Paspor – country of issue of the passport
  • Nomor Paspor – passport number
  • Tanggal Lahir – date of birth
  • Email –  email address
  • Nomor telpon – telephone number

After filling out all fields, click on the Simpan button. Next, return to the main page (the Home button in the top menu) and click on the Electronic Health Alert Card (eHAC) button at the end of the page.

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

Change the language to English in the top menu, create an eHAC card, then click on the “Personal Detail” button and enter your personal information.

Fill out all the fields and click the Save button.

If you are flying with children under 12 years old, then click Add Dependents and fill out the details for each child separately

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

Next, you will need to fill out your trip details. If you are flying via Jakarta and will take quarantine there, you need to indicate the area of Jakarta where your quarantine hotel is located (the name of the area can be found in google maps).

Jakarta Pusat – Central Jakarta
Jakarta Utara – North Jakarta
Jakarta Timur – East Jakarta
Jakarta Selatan – South Jakarta
Jakarta Barat – West Jakarta

After filling out all the data, click the button Berikutnya and proceed to fill out the information about your health condition.

Инструкция по заполнению приложения Peduli Lindungi

Do you have any symptoms below? –  Just choose “None”.

After filling out the data, click the Next button and complete the procedure for creating an eHAC card.

You need to visit website from the Ministry of Health of Indonesia to verify a vaccination certificate issued NOT in Indonesia. Please fill out all the fields, upload a photo of your passport and vaccination certificate in English.

The information is manually checked by employees of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, so the process can take several days. Once your certificate has been verified, it will be uploaded to the Peduli Lindungi app automatically.

If you did not have time to complete the verification process of your certificate before departure, then take with you the original of the certificate in two languages ​​(the language of the country where you received the certificate + English).

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