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Investor Kitas

Investor Kitas (Types 313 and 314) is issued to applicants who are investing in a PMA company in Indonesia and need to work for that company.

Indonesian Investor KITAS consists of a lot of benefits, with the most profitable ones include the ease of application and the waiver of the work permit fee. If you satisfy all the investment requirements you should not pay a visa fee of 1,200USD per year. In addition, foreign investors do not have to wait long to start working after introducing their initial investments. 

Investor Visa Kitas ~ Bali, Indonesia

Types of Investor Kitas

In Indonesia, you can obtain two types of Investor Kitas:

  • Index 313: 1-year KITAS
  • Index 314: 2-year KITAS

Both types allow investors to repeatedly enter and leave Indonesia during the validity of the visa.


You should meet the following requirements to obtain an Investor Kitas:

  • The investor should have a minimum of 1 billion IDR in shares invested.
  • The company’s capital should have a minimum of 10 billion IDR in capital investment.
  • The company has a minimum of 25% in paid-up capital.
  • The sponsor company  can start sponsoring Investors once it has obtained a business registration number (NIB) and trading licenses (Ijin Usaha), foreign company investment realization report (LKPM, this report should be conducted every three months), company’s documents, the ID card and tax number of the company’s representative (should be valid)


The procedure of getting an Investor Visa KITAS (types 313 and 314) consists of 3 main stages, that will totally take around 2 months.

Getting Telex

The first step of getting an Investor visa KITAS is to obtain a recommendation letter from the Investment board in Jakarta called TELEX

TELEX is requested for a certain Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia abroad where you are planning to get your visa and should be confirmed by the Head Office of Immigration Service of Indonesia in Jakarta, process will take around 10 working days.

Documents required from the Company/Sponsor for Kitas TELEX issuing:

  • A decree from the Ministry for Legalization of the Articles of Association of Company
  • Article of Association of the company, and any latest deed amendments
  • Business Identity Number (NIB / Nomor Induk Berusaha)
  • Ijin Usaha (NIB)
  • Operational License (Izin Usaha)
  • Company Tax Number (NPWP Badan Usaha) & KSWP (Keterangan Status Wajib Pajak) Company
  • Letter of Company Domicile (SKTU, or Surat Domisili Usaha)
  • A Recent LKPM Report (Quarter Business Activity Report)
  • Passport and ITAS of the Director OR KTP / Identity Card of Local Manager/Director.
  • Tax ID (NPWP)and Letter of Tax Status (KSWP) of the Local Manager/Director

Documents required from the applicant for Kitas TELEX issuing:

  • Passport valid for minimum of 20 months for a 1-year KITAS, and over 34 months validity for a 2-year KITAS.
  • Bank Statement with minimum funds of USD 1500
  • Digital photo size 4cm x 6cm
  • NPWP (personal Tax Number) & KSWP Personal (keterangan Status Wajib Pajak)
  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesahatan

Visa obtainin in Embassy or Consulate abroad

Required documents:

  • Passport valid for minimum 20 months for a 1-year KITAS, and over 34 months validity for a 2-year KITAS
  • Photocopy of the main passport page
  • Photocopy of the passport page with stamp of entry to the country where you apply
  • Filled application form (blank should be provided by embassy / consulate)
  • 2 photos passport size
  • Ticket to Indonesia
  • Visa fee (150 USD, paid in the currency of the country where you apply, can vary)

Visa that the applicant will get at this stage is called VITAS, after entry to Indonesia, it will be converted from VITAS into ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas, a temporary stay permit) in the local Immigration Office, applicant should get a MERP (multiple re-entry permit) and a KITAS card (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas).

Visa registration

After getting VITAS and coming to Indonesia, applicant should come to Immigration office not later than 7 days after arrivaal date to register his visa and get a re-entry permit (mandatory). The process  of visa registration takes around 14 business days. When the process will be done, your passport will be returned, and KITAS will be sent to you via email.

Some investors have the option of cancelling their current KITAS,  applying for an Investors KITAS or applying for a change of KITAS within Indonesia.

Our Services

  • Processing set of documents for 2 years Investor KITAS + Re-entry permit 15.000.000 IDR + 150 USD visa fee
  • Speed Up the process of getting Telex (3-5 business days) – 1.500.00 IDR
  • Speed Up Recommendation (10 business days) – 4.500.000 IDR
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