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Family Visa KITAS

This visa can be obtained by foreigners married to Indonesian citizens or by spouses of  KITAS index 312/319 visa holders.

This visa is issued on the following conditions:

  1. For a period of 5 years (with mandatory annual renewal) for those who are officially married to an Indonesian citizen. In this case, applicants can apply for KITAP after 3 years of holding KITAS visa.
  2. For the same period as a Work KITAS (index 3212) of the spouse.
  3. For 1 year if the Investor KITAS of the spouse valid more than 1 year or the same period as Investor KITAS  of the spouse if his KITAS valid less than 1 year

NOTE: Family KITAS visa is issued only to close relatives (spouses and children).

Family Kitas Visa | Visa Services on Bali



  1. Getting e-Visa. We will prepare all the necessary documents and obtain an e-Visa. The process takes about 10 -14 business days. After e-Visa is ready, we will send it by e-mail or WhatsApp
  2. Visa registration. You need to come to our office, bring your original passport within 30 days after arrival in Indonesia or 7 days after your visa is issued if you are already here. We register your visa at the immigration office and obtain a re-entry permit (required). The process takes about 2 weeks, and you will also need to show up once at Immigration for photos and fingerprints.
  3. The last step: you will receive your passport back and KITAS online.

Documents from Applicant:

  1. Scanned copy of the first page of the passport with a validity period of at least 18 months
  2. Marriage certificate in English or Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Birth certificate for children in English (in case you apply for a visa for your kids)
  4. Photo 3×4 (soft copy with red background)
  5.  Address (Noted: if the address is not the same  with ID card WNI, we also need domicile letter from both)
  6. Photo of your current visa (for the onshore process)
  7. Vaccination certificate (for the offshore process)

Documents from the Indonesian Sponsor WNI (for spouse visa):

  1. Certificate of birth (Akta Lahir)
  2. Family Card (Kartu Keluarga -KK)
  3. Copy of Tax Registry ID (NPWP)
  4. Copy of the bank statement (3 months – minimum 5mln)
  5. Marriage certificate in Indonesian
  6. Copy ID Indonesia
  7. SKTT/Domicile Letter (if not Balinese copy ID)
  8. CNI Letter from Embassy

Documents from the sponsor holder of Work/Investor Kitas:

  1. Document from the Company
    – Blank Letter with the company stamp
    – Color scanned copy of Article Association (Akta Notary)
    – Color scanned copy of Trading License (Izin Usaha) or Standard Certificate
    – Color scanned copy of Domicile Company (Izin Lokasi) or KKPR/PKKPR
    – Color scanned copy of Company Registry Letter (NIB)
    – Color scanned copy of Company Tax Registry (NPWP)
    – Color scanned copy of Legal Letter of Ministry of Law (SK Menteri)
    – Color scanned copy of Director/Commissioner ID or Staff ID (should be Balinese)
  2. Kitas as PDF file
  3. Scanned copy of the first page of the passport

Cost in Bali Business Consulting

  • New Family visa KITAS  11 000 000 IDR + 150 USD visa fee
  • Extension Family KITAS 7 500 000 IDR
  • Speed up eVisa process 1 500 000 IDR
  • Speed up the report at Immigration 1 500 000 IDR
  • closure of Family KITAS 750 000 IDR
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