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Family Visa KITAS

This visa can be obtained by foreigners married to Indonesian citizen and their children or by spouses and children of work KITAS index 312 visa holders (validity and prolongations following the work KITAS holder).

This visa is issued on the following conditions:

  1. For a period of 5 years (with mandatory annual renewal) for those who officially married to an Indonesian citizen. In this case applicants can apply for KITAP after 3 years of holding KITAS visa.
  2. For the same period as a KITAS visa of spouse whom officially works in Indonesia.
Family Kitas Visa | Visa Services on Bali

NOTE: Family KITAS visa is issued only to close relatives (spouses and children).

Family KITAS for foreigners married to Indonesian citizens

There are 2 options  to get the Family visa to Indonesia, both ways will provide you visa valid for one year and possible to extend yearly for five years.

Conversion of social visa type 211 into Family Kitas

This conversion can be done if the Indonesian spouse were acting as a sponsor and were mentioned in social budaya visa type 211. Application should be done not later than 3 month before social visa expiration date and the applicant should not leave Indonesia to get this residental status, KITAS card and re-entry permit.

Applying for family KITAS in an Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia in anoter country.

You need to get a TELEX to get a Family Visa abroad. Telex should be prepared in advance for a certain Indonesian Consulate / Embassy where applicant is planning to apply and should be approved by the Head Office of Immigration Service of Indonesia in Jakarta. The process of getting TELEX will take around 10 working days.

After the applicant has got the TELEX and family visa type 317/318 in Indonesian Embassy or Consuate, he/she should submit the passport in Immigration office in next 7 days after arriving to Indonesia.

List of documents required to obtain Family Visa

From the applicant to get the Telex:

  • Copy of the first page of the passport
  • Digital photo of passport size on a red background
  • Copy of the marriage certificate or other document issued by Embassy, confirming marriage conclusion with Indonesian citizen

To be provided by the applicant in Indonesian Embassy:

  • Passport valid for at least 18 months following the date of entry to Indonesia
  • Copy of the main page of passport
  • Copy of passport page bearing a stamp of entry to the country where you apply for visa
  • Filled application form
  • 2 light background color photos
  • Visa fee of 150 USD

From the Indonesian spouse:

  • Copy of Kartu Keluarga
  • Copy of KTP
  • Copy of NPWP
  • A copy of marriage certificate
  • Bank account statement

Cost in Bali Business Consulting

Our company will prepare all the documents to obtain a permission letter from the head Immigration office in Jakarta. We also provide services on the closure of the visa and getting permission to travel.

  • opening a KITAS family visa 11 000 000 IDR
  • speed up TELEX  1 000 000 IDR
  • speed up Report in Immigration 1 500 000 IDR
  • closure of KITAS Family visa 750 000 IDR
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