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How to Read an Indonesian Visa

Indonesian visa is being pasted in the passport of a foreign citizen and contains the following information:

  1. Surname, first name, date of birth;
  2. Nationality (citizenship); sex; number of the main identity document of a foreign citizen;
  3. Place of issue of the visa;
  4. Date of Issue – the date from which entry is allowed;
  5. Date of Expiry – the date till which you have to enter the country.**
  6. The type of visa and the permitted period of stay in Indonesia (Lengh of Stay);
  7. Information about the inviting company (physical person)
  8. The registration number and the number of the visa as well.

** The time interval between the Date of Issue and the Date of Expiry is 90 days. It is the period during which a foreign citizen has to use the visa and enter Indonesia (entry period). After this period, the visa will not be considered valid, and it will be impossible to enter the country using this visa.

Also when using multiple business visa, the first visit has to take place before the Date of expiry.
The period of authorized stay is counted from the first calendar day after the date of entry, most often 60 or 30 days, sometimes less (specified in the visa in the column Lengh of Stay). At the end of the stay, you have to extend the visa (visa 211 social or tourist) or to leave the country (multiple business visa 212), depending on the type of visa.

When getting the Indonesian visa be sure to check the following:

  • The period of validity of the visa and the number of days of stay;
  • The correct spelling of your surname and name;
  • Series and number of the passport;
  • Correct spelling of the sponsor’s name / inviting company;
  • Availability of a consulate stamp.

Mistakes are being made infrequently, but in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the border, check the visa beforehand.

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